Hello friends, to any aspiring producers who follow me I want to share with you some advice that may be beneficial to you. From personal experience it is important to take regular breaks from the studio to rest your ears. I say this because the time now as I write this is 10:51am. I went to sleep early hours at 3:30 after a very long day in the studio. I finished a new track around 2:00am this morning.

I should listen to my own advice, as it isn't the first time this has happened to me, but you may have or may do experience this...


What do I mean by this?

Well... after a long day in the studio, I finished a new track, sounded great. Which is good. Had my headphones on for hours on end. But the bad thing is... I woke up this morning after a few hours of sleep to listen to my final finished track on my monitors, on social media, Instagram, mobile phone etc to clarify the final result listening loud.

Because my ears are so used to the relentless sounds and different frequency's, that when I listened back to make the FINAL DECISION to release it... I really wasn't happy with it. It didn't sound right to me. The Key and tone sounded off, the over all composition of melodies I wasn't happy with. I don't think it really goes together at all.

So now... I'm thinking, right, well I'm going to scrap that melody, take the whole composition out, and produce something entirely new from scratch... AGAIN.

Ugh... I know right. But guys it does happen, not all the time but sometimes.

I'm sure I'm not the only one.

It is always important to take at least 2 or 3 hours rest from studio/production.

Even a day... let your mind relax and forget all the sounds you've been pouring into yourself relentlessly.

Because when you come back it will go 2 ways... MOST of the time it will sound great, you done a great job, well done. But sometimes, not always, but sometimes there will be times where it doesn't sound right and you end up changing the whole project.

What can I say, the life of a producer. It can be frustrating. But I hope this helps you, I hope this information will benefit you.

Hope you all have a great day.

- Shaun James

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