PRODUCER TIP: Resting when ill.

Hello friends, today I want to share with you a bit of advice that has helped me and hope it helps you too. If you're a producer this may be beneficial to you. If you ever become ill, catch the flu, pretty much just not feeling great, it's important as a producer to rest. Rest your ears, rest your body and recover until 100%. For example, from personal experience, sometimes being poorly your ears become blocked, the same as your sinuses (nose). I have found that when you are on the path to recovery your ears may pop back to normal, resulting in you hearing 10x louder than you did before. I have tried to continue with my work when ill thinking it will be ok, but when I listened back to the mix when my ears popped back to normal 100% sound, the mix didn't sound that great. So just a little tip, rest and recover friends. Be well 🎧❤️ - Shaun James

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