Hello friends,

As we slowly approach the new year of 2022 we are all aware 2020 & 2021 hasn't been a great year for the majority of the population due to the worldwide pandemic of COVID-19.

The country being on lockdown, gigs and events being cancelled, and over all sad times we have come to face. It has indeed been a tough time for all of us, especially for myself and my fellow artists in the music and arts industry.

But despite all the negative energy that surrounds us we must all remain positive, proactive and creative. Which is exactly what I have been doing.

So I'm very excited to share with you all that I'm in the process of producing my first album. Bringing my Innersound to surface and taking you on a journey to my next destination, but also at the same time... taking a trip back in time.

My current discography is full of dark, violent Techno, and also uplifting, happy and chilled House music. 2 classic 90's happy hardcore releases, and some groovy tracks. You can check them out here.

My album on the other hand, probably for the foreseeable future is going to be something different. Taking a trip back in time and producing the Techno I grew up on and that love with all my heart and soul. So you can expect to hear sounds from the classic 909, 303, modular synthesizers, analogue hardware and equipment. You get where this is going. I will be focusing primarily on the the 90's and 2000's sounds, in my own records, and of course my DJ sets. Heavily inspired by my musical hero's Carl Cox, Jeff Mills, & many many more from that era that I grew up in. I have some exciting projects in the works, and my dream and my goal in my life is unite the world with my music and my live performance's. I want to bring back the 90's and 2000's. The best years of my life, and for many others around the world also. I know thousands want to see this happen, so I will make it happen.

After many years of releasing countless singles I thought now is a good time I made a start on this project. Over the course of my career and my personal life I have faced many trials and tribulations, challenging times, depressing times, and of course happy times.

During the middle of 2020 with the whole world on lockdown, to add icing on the negative cake I sadly lost my original Facebook music page. Which many of my followers are aware of. But to my new friends and followers who may be reading this... I spent many years building my foundation, gained over 7000 loyal fans and supporters from all over the world and made some awesome new friends along the way. Unfortunately Technical issues happen. But hey... If you're new to following me... I welcome you with open Techno arms. If you love Techno as much as me... You're awesome in my books. We are one!

It was a very upsetting time for me because everything I ever worked for had been destroyed. I was starting to build a following globally and began to stamp my mark on the industry, beginning to build my career. At one point I was booked for my first LIVE Techno event in Spain and then Greece, but sadly lockdown happened and everything was canceled.

But despite the negative... I remained positive. I now have a new Facebook page that I am building from scratch. You can follow me here...

To those that have been following me over the years will have watched me grow and progress within my career. Getting great support from BBC Radio has certainly been a great help for me. I am forever grateful to Mr James Threlfall who has given me opportunities for my records and my sets to be heard to the masses.

Slowly but surly I'm starting to build myself as an artist. I want to thank every single one of you who supports me.

To bring people joy through music brings me great pleasure. To dance and escape for a short while. Having an impact on someone's life has an impact on mine. Making people happy makes me happy. That's what Shaun James is about.

I leave you with some positive sentiments.

Life is what you make it, not all good days or bad days last forever. Life goes up and down. One minute you can be up, and then something happens for you to be down, but then something else happens for you then to go back up 10X higher, and so on.

Life is literally like a roller coaster.

Wherever you are in the world I send you positive energy & positive vibes.

See you all on the dancefloor soon.

Shaun James

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